Fueling the Fearless

Fueling the Fearless
Service Creative Direction

During Covid-19 we decided to work with a small team to set up a non profit called Fueling the Fearless. We raised donations and hired mom and pop restaurants that were hit hardest economically to prepare meals for essential works, from hospital staff to food banks In the first five weeks we managed to donate 4,786 meals



Service Creative Design

We were asked to design Katla website. Create email marketing campaign for Katla Force the blog part of the site as well as designing a collection of sweatshirts for the brand.


Inside Out Festival

Service Creative Direction

Execute a brand identity for the Inside Out festival. Deliverables included a logo to work across all marketing materials - a poster campaign, flyers, announcements, signs, illustrations, Power-point presentations, and tickets.


Dealer Wizard

Service Branding

We produced a brand guidebook as part of the rebrand for Dealer Wizard. We rebranded everything across all collateral from logo design to colours, fonts and golf shirts and how the brand should be used across print and digital and their social channels.

Kate Saker inc’s advanced marketing and design intellect was a key driver in the evolvement of the Dealer Wizard brand.  The involvement in our rebranding overhaul provided greater alignment with the sophistication of our software solution. The new look and feel of the Dealer Wizard brand has made a meaningful and measurable impact in the growth of Dealer Wizard over the past two years.  We’re grateful for the contribution to Dealer Wizard.Senior Vice PresidentTodd Stewart

Service Group

Service Consultant Creative Director

We worked closely with Service Group's marketing team and management for several years. In that time we re-branded and updated collateral for the insurance company.

Our company utilized Kate Saker for all three of the businesses that we operated. Kate enabled us to rebrand each business, set up brand guidelines and create materials that were both professional and compelling. 

Kate’s willingness to go the extra mile, including site visits and learning about our culture ensured that the look and feel of our branding was consistent with who we were and what we wanted to represent to our clients. Kate was an amazing resource and became part of our team.
President Martin Jenns

World Gold Council

Service Creative Director

We produced an Annual Report for the World Gold Council in several formats ranging from traditional print; where we used different pages for different sections as well as 5 colour process, and a microsite web application hosted within the website.



Service Creative Direction

We worked with LAUNCH for several years on a number of projects including: LAUNCH Food - a global open innovation program for innovators, entrepreneurs, or intrapreneurs with big ideas for improving health outcomes by enabling people to make healthy food choices. LAUNCH Legends - Two innovative pilots bringing interactive storytelling technologies into Pacific classrooms. We produced infographics, brand guidelines, and printed collateral from research books to social media campaigns to support events which helped them connect the dots between innovation and impact.



Service Design

Zopa is a UK based, peer-to-peer lending company founded in 2004. We work closely with the marketing team producing campaigns for the brand, ranging from the Feel Good Festival to making new bank notes for a social campaign to bring awareness of the brand.



Service Creative Consulting

AUL is an Insurance Agency in Napa, California. We work closely with the marketing team to produce both printed collegial and digital campaigns.


Presidential Innovation Fellows

Service White House Presidential Innovation Fellows

We produced an announcement of the new fellows for 2019 for the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows Department. This included printed material as well as digital posts across all social media, including animated gifs to add to stories in both Instagram and Facebook, as well as updates for their website. The project was run to a strict timetable to build up hype of the announcement and introduce each fellow individually.